Author(s):A. Al-Hinai and A. Feliachi

Reference: Proceedings of IEEE Power Systems Conference and Exposition (PSCE), NY, Oct. 2004.

Abstract: This paper introduces the application of intelligent agents to the control and operation of distribution systems that contain distributed generators (DGs). The proposed control ar-chitecture is hierarchical with one supervisor that optimizes the overall process and a distributed number of local control agents associated with each DG. Control and protection actions need a fast reaction time and are taken by the control agents. They con-sist of fixed sets of parameters. Coordination, modifications of the criteria and parameters for the control and protection equip-ment, are performed at the control center. The proposed intelli-gent control agent based architecture is illustrated using a test system with two microturbines as DGs.

Keywords: Distribution system stability, Intelligent multi-agent control, Distributed generators, Microturbine