Author(s): A. Boubakeur, L. Mokhnache, S. Boukhtache, A. Feliachi

Reference: IEE Proceedings – Science, Measurement and Technology, (in press)

Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical investigation on barrier effect on point-plane air gap breakdown voltage based on streamers criterion. A model is developed for the computation of the electric field and potential in the presence of a space charge, which is determined after the knowledge of the efficient ionisation factor. The computation is performed in a point-barrier-plane air gap under a positive voltage using finite elements. As a typical electrostatic application, the electric field distribution, in presence of a space charge and a dielectric barrier in the air gap, is computed. The proposed model deals with the phase of electronic avalanches.

Keywords: Electric field, efficient ionisation factor, electronic avalanches, space charge, polarization field, barrier, point to plane interval, streamers, finite elements.