Author(s): Nedzad Atic, Ali Feliachi, Dulpichet Rerkpreedapong

Reference: 2004 IEEE PES General Meeting, June 2004, Denver, CO

Abstract: This paper proposes a decentralized Model Predictive Load Frequency Control scheme based on the wedge control philosophy. The control scheme is based on a system model with an optimization procedure performed in every sampling interval. To minimize unit maneuvering and reversals, the wedge control philosophy is applied as a part of the optimization procedure. Objective of the proposed control algorithm is to assure compliance with control performance standards CPS1 and CPS2 set by NERC, and to reduce number of reversals of the generating units. The proposed methodology is tested through a nonlinear simulation of a three area system with multiple generation and distribution companies under regulation and load following services.

Keywords:Automatic generation control, Load frequency control, Decentralized control, Model predictive control, Wedge control, Unit maneuvering, Reversals, Control performance standard