Author(s): S. Ganesh, K. Schoder, A. Feliachi

Reference: Proc. of ASNE Intelligent Ship Symposium, Villanova, PA, June 2005

Abstract:A new layer of hierarchically organized agents is developed to complement efforts in designing energy management systems with automatic reconfiguration for electric shipboard power systems. This layer provides situational awareness capabilities to a previously implemented reconfiguration layer that was also based on agent technology. Both of these layers allow for distributed decision making while operating the system with global and optimal goals. While the reconfiguration layer performs negotiation and energy management, the situational awareness layer adds autonomous and intelligent agents that help determine component failures, tracking performance, and analyzing system events that have the potential to degrade system performance and reliability. A list of possible events includes short circuits, open circuits, loss of communication networks, and failures of agents themselves. The added functionality is using influence diagrams to assist human operators in determining the silent death of components or agents and further improves the autonomous operation capabilities of the shipboard power system. Tests of different critical scenarios are investigated in a case study to evaluate the layer’s decision making performance.

Keywords: electric shipboard power system, energy management, automatic reconfiguration, situational awareness