Author(s): S. Yerramalla, A. Davari, A. Feliachi, T. Biswas

Reference: Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 124, No.1, pp. 104-113, Oct. 2003

Abstract: The focus of this paper is to develop amathematical model for investigating the dynamic performance of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell. The model in this work is based on physical laws having clear significance in replicating the fuel cell system and can easily be used to set up different operational strategies. Simulation results display the transient behavior of the voltage within each single cell, and also within a number of such single cells combined into a fuel cell stack system. A linear as well as a nonlinear analysis of the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell system has been discussed in order to present a complete and comprehensive view of this kind of modeling. Also, a comparison of the two kinds of analysis has been performed. Finally, the various characteristics of the fuel cell system are plotted in order to help us understand its dynamic behavior. Results indicate that there is a considerable amount of error in the modeling process if we use a linear model of the fuel cell. Thus, the nonlinearities present in the fuel cell system should be taken into account in order to obtain a better understanding of the dynamic behavior of the fuel cell system.

Keywords: Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), Modeling, Simulation