Author(s): Silpa Parnandi, Karl Schoder, Ali Feliachi

Reference: Proceedings International Conference on Electrical Engineering Design and Technologies (ICEEDT), Hammamet, Tunisia, November 5-6, 2007

Abstract: In this paper a Power Market Analysis Tool (PMAT) is designed for congestion management. The tool creates an interface between PowerWorld, a professional software tool that computes power flows, and MATLABr. The tool helps analyze power flow results, batch-process large case studies, and provide the user with options to manage congestions. A graphical user interface has been designed to help the user learn and interact with the tool. Based on generator and load bid data, the tool performs (N-1) security analysis. In case of congestion, the user can choose one of three congestion relief methods: (1) Transmission Line Relief Sensitivity (sensitivities of line flows to load curtailment), (2) Economic Load Management (a product of three indices that measure (i) the sensitivity of the line flow to load curtailment, (ii) the level of customer incentive to cut down consumption, and (iii) the customer’s acceptable range of curtailment), and (3) VAR Support (installment of additional VAR devices). The congestion alleviation methods are explained and tested on the IEEE 24 bus Reliability Test System.

Keywords: electric power system markets, congestion management, LMP