Author(s): Ali Karimi, Amer Al-Hinai, Karl Schoder, Ali Feliachi

Reference: Proceedings of IEEE PES General Meeting, San Francisco, California, 12-16 June, 2005

Abstract: A method for designing controls through the excitation system and Particle Swarm Optimization technique to search for the optimal setting of the controller gains to improve transient stability and damping is presented. Simulation of multimachine power systems are performed to show the effectiveness of the proposed controller. Comparisons with two other control schemes namely (i) a voltage regulator combined with a power system stabilizer and (ii) excitation controls designed by using the Direct Feedback Linearization (DFL) technique are given to further benchmark the control scheme.

Keywords: Guided Particle Swarm Optimization, Backstepping, Transient Stability, Direct Feedback Linearization, Power System Stabilizer